3D Applications with EyeVision 3D

EyeScan 3D sensors

The new smart camera system EyeScan 3D from EVT makes the third dimension accessible to the user.

3D-sensors are applicable in all industries, such as e.g.:

  • for quality control
  • for robot guidance
  • for µ-accurate measurements

For the user EyeScan 3D means:

  • a already completely calibrated 3D-sensor, based on laser triangulation or area scan
  • the complete evaluation software EyeVision 3D is already included in the system and can be programmed via Drag-and-Drop.

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EyeVision 3D

The key function of the EyeVision 3D software is the capture and evaluation of 3D scans (point clouds).

Based on the point cloud, EyeVision 3D has different commands for:

  • recognizing and counting objects
  • detecting errors
  • carring out various measurements

Here you will find some examples for 3D sensors to optimize the production process, to enhance the quality control and to lower the production costs.

tire & weld seam inspection

EyeVision 3D for tire production

EyeVision 3D for weld seam inspection

For the tire production a 100% quality check is indispensable. A 3D inspection also can read black writing on a black tire. Simultaneously the surface can be checked for flaws.EyeVision 3D checks for weld width and length, countersink free finish, weld seam joint or collapses, unequalsidedness, holes and surface pores.
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sealing compound & adhesive bead inspection

EyeVision 3D for sealing compound inspection

EyeVision 3D for the inspection of adhesive applications

EyeVision 3D inspects if the sealing compound is applied correctly and checks the positioning of the sealing compound. EyeVision and the EyeScan 3D Sensor guide the robot.

Noncontact and nondestructive inspection immediately after the application of the adhesive bead. Suitable for all glues and surfaces. EyeVision 3D recognizes flaws such as e.g.: discontinuity, thickening and position errors of adhesive beads.

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Electronic Industry

EyeVision 3D for PCB inspection

EyeVision 3D for smart phone inspection

EyeVision 3D inspects at the soldering process and checks the component parts for: alignment, position, presence

EyeVision 3D inspects small-format substrates as e.g. for smart phones. Measures fixed component parts and wavelength-dependent transmissions of filter layers on glass substrates.
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groceries & consumer goods

EyeVision 3D for groceries inspection

EyeVision 3D for inspection of parts of watches

EyeVision 3D scans size and shape of e.g. fruits and sorts them accordingly afterwards. This process prevents rejection.

EyeVision 3D checks on shape-defects fuch as e.g.: cylindrical form, corrugation, circularity.

Additionally geometrical dimensions e.g.: diameter, height, width, etc.

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cast metal & gap inspection

EyeVision 3D for cast metal inspection

EyeVision 3D for gab inspection

The 3D sensor scanns cast metal parts and compairs the scanned image with the CAD-data. EyeVision 3D inspects the shape and measurements during the production process.EyeVision 3D inspects different gap types e.g.: simple gap, projection-gap, gap with bottom, advanced gap, ...
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bin-picking & scan of large surfaces

EyeVision 3D for bin-picking

EyeVision 3D for the scan of large surfaces & objects

EyeVision 3D captures component parts in every position and rotation. Reacts on position changes of the objects. EyeVision 3D allows a complete usage of the robot line.

EyeVision 3D can scan large surfaces and can display it undistorted with the 3D Unrolling command, without the need of an axis or robot.
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Bin-Picking with EyeVision 3D

  • EyeVision 3D is especially suitable for “bin-picking”, which is one of the most required application in the industry to automate the production process. It is possible with EyeVision 3D to locate unsorted parts in a box and then for example pick the part up with a robot gripper and feed to a production machine. Also the picked-up part can be sorted into the machine in an exact determined position and rotation.
  • With EyeVision 3D an extremely fast image capture of the surface of the object is carried out and 3D point clouds can be used directly in the EyeVision 3D user interface to locate the respective position of the several parts.
  • With the 3D-Matching of the EyeVision 3D it is now possible to recognize with only one 3D sensor the shape and position of any object, which has been taught-in previously. Therefore even the gripping of complicated shapes and component parts is possible.
  • These data is necessary e.g. in the automotive industry and robotic, not only for bin-picking but also for pick-and-place applications. When the 3D evaluation is carried out, the user can also measure geometrical characteristics on complex 3D objects.

EyeVision 3D Bin-Picking Video