Quality of Die Casting

To guarantee the quality of the cast parts, a flawless casting and machining of the parts is important. A completed quality management can be realized partly with industrial image processing.

Thermal and chemical stress

Cast parts are exposed to thermal and chemical stress during the casting process. Due to this the surface of the form is damaged little by little. Therefore the quality of the surface of the cast part is becoming gradually worn out.

Machine Vision System Features (EyeVision)

In this perspective, the machine vision system such as the EyeVision software has more than one task when it comes to die casting:

  • with an EyeVision inspection program the surfaces of both, form and cast part, can be inspected. The system can detect scratches up to only a few ┬Ám on the surface.
  • there are errors and structures, which can not be detected on the surface. Those can be made visible with CT, X-ray or thermal imaging.
  • The EyeVision software e.g. can be combined with thermal cameras for various makers and has a vast command set for thermal imging.