LED & Display Inspection

EVT offers hardware and software for the Inspection of color, display and LEDs.

Reasons for the application

  • Nowadays illumination diodes are produced in all sorts of models and illuminants such as visible light, infrared and ultraviolet.

  • For the inspection of LEDs on e.g. display units, devices or a printed circuit board assembly regarding color, intensity and functionality, an integrated inspection system is necessary.

  • In today‚Äôs routine test plants for electronic circuits or circuit boards with LEDs, there is the continuing question about the right function of LED and other display lights. The device under test has to be inspected for different parameters such as color, saturation and brightness (intensity) and also the functionality has to be checked.

EyeSens MCI (Multi Color Inspect)

The color, intensity and light information is fed directly from the measuring object to the EyeSens MCI via single fibre bundles and evaluated at up to 100 points at the same time.

Main Features

- data memory up to 8 GB, optionally up to 32 GB

- saving the production data onto an USB flash drive

- configuration via Ethernet or

- the integrated web server via tablet

- optionally with Profinet

- equipped with the EyeVision Software

Features and Application examples



- contains the EyeVision Software- Self-luminous object inspection

- each measuring point can be freely configured to color, intensity and function

- LED test (binning)
- Integration in test sequence- Display test
- Good / Bad evaluation with EyeVision- Indication test
- Color space: HSI, RGB, LALB- 7 segment display inspection
- Universal connection of fiber optics- checking up to 100 colors
- Individual adaption of the fiber optic configuration- Frontpanel test
- Suitable for POF and glass fiber optics- etc.
- Interfaces: RS232, GigE, USB