EyeSort - the Tool for building Sorting Systems

EyeSort allows producers of sorting systems to access all systems - from vision sensors and smart cameras to PC systems - in order to build efficient sorting systems.

So, the powerful SmartMatch command is available for the user of EyeSort. The SmartMatch command guarantees that all measuring and testing tasks are always executed at the correct position. SmartMatch detects the swivel in the image field - independent from its rotation and position. All following commands are adjusted to this located position and rotation. The efficient programming of the SmartMatch command guarantees that the object is always found in the image field in only a few milliseconds.

In the configuration mode the user defines which testing part should be searched. SmartMatch detects automatically the contour of the object in the image field and saves the data. The configured contour is searched during the inspection process.

Additionally, the position and the rotation of the object are determined in order to execute the precise measurement functions of the EyeVision software at the intended position. For this purpose SmartMatch calibrates the construction element. If the measured data are not conform with the configured dimension of the user, the object can be rejected.

The EyeTracker Board guarantees that only the "Good" objects reach the "Good" channel. This board supervises the sorting section, commissions the evaluation system to check the swivel. During evaluation the board controls that unchecked objects do not reach the "Good" channel. This structure guarantees that the construction of sorting systems is absolutely easy and save.