Weld Seam Inspection


EVT presents with EyeSens Weld a new profile scanner for the inspection of weld seams.


How EyeSens Weld works

  • The profile scanner measures the elevation profile of the weld seam by projecting a laser line onto the object. The laser line profile is then captured by the integrated camera.
  • The laser line captured by the camera is transformed into electrical signals, digitized as well as converted into real world coordinates.
  • The sensor has a frame rate of up to 1 Hz and a working distance of approximately 80 to 240 mm.
  • The available wave lengths are 635 nm and 660 nm depending on the sensor model.

Applications for EyeSens Weld

EyeSens Weld can be applied wherever a weld seam also has to meet visual criteria, f It inspects along the following criteria:

- if the weld has an end crater

- width and length of the weld seam

- it the weld seam is missing

- undercuts

- holes and surface pores on the weld seam

- unequal leg length

Control via webbrowser

  • The EyeSens Weld system can be controlled – as all EyeSens 3D systems – via a web browser.
  • The command for the control of weld seams is already prefabricated on the webinterface. For teaching in the program for a special object the user has to type the IP address of the camera into the web browser.
  • The live image of the laser line from the profile scanner is then displayed with the webinterface in the browser. It is therefore not necessary to install a special software on the computer.