Company┬┤s history

1999    Company foundation

2000    Portable PC Standard Software EyeVision

2002    Software was ported onto SmartCameras

2004    Software was ported to VisionBox and SONY's XCI-SX1

2005    Strategic alliance with Vision Components

2006    EYESPECTOR was presented on the VisionShow in Stuttgart 

2007    EyeSensor new product series

2008    3D smart camera system for easy 3D inspection


2009     Introduction of the ES800 vision sensor


2010    EyeVision UR (Unified Release) software introduced

             One software for all hardware components: vision sensors,

             smart cameras, embedded systems, PC systems.

2011     EyeVision is available on LINUX platform

2013     EyeVision runs on ARM CPU of the EyeCheck smart cameras

              Completely revised EyeVision toolset


2014     EyeVision Remote

              Support of embedded platforms with ARM and Linux OS

              PlugIn and PlugIn store are available for the user


2015     Automate the World

              New platform for customer systems based on EyeVision 3.0 and

              the embedded hardware platforms