Our core product: EyeVision Software for EyeSpector Smart Cameras

EyeVision is more than just a clever software

EyeVision is a complete image processing package for every possible field of application. EyeVision is connecting a powerful, hardware platform independent software for Windows and Linux with a wide range of hardware for image capture and digital I/O.

All industrial inspection tasks are done fast and effective by the all-in-one image processing software EyeVision.

EyeVision: a Graphical User Interface

Easy programming by Drag-and-Drop is a typical feature of the customer-friendly and user-friendly EyeVision software. Even difficult image processing tasks are easily programmed without previous knowledge.

The EyeVision graphical user interface was developed to be easy to handle and functional.

EyeVision means:

  • Easy handling and Drag-and-Drop programming
  • Only one standard software for all image processing tasks
  • Easily expandable for all programming tasks
  • Easy migration to other database systems
  • Fast results
  • Custom made
  • manifold solutions for various applications

EyeVision also offers software for OEM instruction sets and a powerful BASIC Interpreter.

Our Service

We also offer support. If you are interested in our training courses, just write us a short e-mail or give us a call.