Automotive Industry

There is no way to imagine quality management of the automobile industry and automotive suppliers without industrial image processing. Because image processing fulfills the very important tasks of inspection and monitoring.

To evaluate qualitative characteristics by an industrial image processing system, it is important to define 'good' and 'bad', 'big' and 'small', 'right' and 'wrong' etc. by certain parameters. At the inspection of objects by the EyeVision software, the parameterization is done by the configuration operation, which is already known from the EyeSpector systems. After an one-off configuration on a sample the inspection is running autonomic without a PC.  


Surface Inspection

With EyeSIS (Surface Inspection System) EVT offers the user a ready-made tool for the inspection of surfaces. Therefore a complete solution with integrated software is created, which also can be applied for the automotive industry.

The system is applicable for the surface inspection of aluminium, plastic, glass and so forth. EyeSIS is used where a top quality image of the surface is needed.

3D Acquisition

If the evaluation of two-dimensional images does not suffice, the problem can be solved in a simple way by working with the third dimension.

If you want to read e.g. the font on a car wheel with a two-dimensional camĀ­era the differences of the gray scale values between the black wheel and the black font are minor.




In this case our EyeScan 3D sensors permute the difference of level between the wheel and the font in an evaluable image. Now it is already possible to realize the evaluation with the aid of the standard algorithms.

Download the EyeScan 3D brochure HERE!