Drugstore products

The EyeVision software is also suitable for inspections of various drugstore products. Usual applications such as:

  • Reading of bar codes
  • inspection of labels with OCR/OCV
  • inspection of caps of shampoo bottles

are already easy tasks for the software.

Below are some applications, which require the special features of the EyeVision software.

Inspection of condoms

The EyeSens vision sensor with the EyeVision software is used at the production of the world's largest condom manufacturer since 2005. The company built a new factory in China in addition to its main plant at home to produce 1.15 billion condoms a year.

They now export their products to more than 80 countries through international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Funds of Population Activities (UNFPA).



The condom application uses the EyeSens ObjectCounter – a vision sensor with specialized command set, including the BLOB command of the EyeVision software. The command has to define if the condom is packaged with the right side up. Because this specific condoms are applied with a treatment that delays the ejaculation. It is required to apply the treatment to the correct side, otherwise the treatment is applied to women. The EyeSens system decides the correct side of the condom to serve this purpose.

Inspection of feminin hygiene products

The EyeVision Software can be used manyfold. For example also in packaging machines for primary packages. One range of application is in packaging machines for sanitary napkins, panty liner and also incontinence products.

The napkins, which are ejected from the production machine are inspected with an inline quality check for the correct alignment, the geometric contour and the thickness of the product.

Concerning the alignment it focuses especially on the angle of the product axis as well as the position and distance between the products.

High measurement speed



With the image process system from EVT 3.000 sanitary napkins are inspected per minute. The distance between the napkins amounts to 30% of the length of the product.

With the EyeVision software and its drag-and-drop function an inspection program was developed, which can reach the required speed while maintaining the accuracy. For the application EVT used the PC-Software with measurement- and blob-commands in combination with a GigE camera with high fps rates.