Food Industry

Packaging Production

Image processing for the food industry is a central topic. For example for the production of

- casting molds for chocolate bars, chocolate figures and candies or

- cups and bowls for butter, margarine and other dairy products


a visual inspection is essential.

The machine vision guarantees a smooth process and a constantly high product quality. Therefore EVT offers solutions, which can be realized with the easy-to-program EyeVision software. Also the combination with a smart camera such as e.g. from the EyeCheck or EyeSpector series, is recommendable.

Error detection and quantification

Additionally, error detection and quantification of products such as e.g. cookies, candies, chocolate but also meat, fruits and vegetables are possible. The EyeVision software detects errors such as:

- broken cookies

- missing icing

- to dark pastries

- unripe or overripe fruits or vegetables

So damaged goods can be discharged during the production.

3D for food inspection

The new smart camera systems EyeScan 3D series makes the third dimension accessible to the user. The compact housing of the pictured EyeScan SR 3D SH contains an already calibrated laser triangulation sensor as well as an evaluation processor. This processor can thread in up to 40000 3D-profiles per second. The complete evaluation software is contained in the system and can be pro¬≠grammed by Drag-and-Drop. All topics can be realized, from simple testing method tasks to object re¬≠cognition with robots. The multiplicity of algorithms allows to solve even complex three-dimensional problems.

Download the EyeScan 3D brochure HERE!