Machine construction

The EyeVision software is also used in machine construction. For example the thread inspection.

Inspection of defects on threads

The EyeVision image processing software by EVT can now also inspect defects on threads. Male as well as female threads. The images are best captured with a super wide angle lens, in case of female threads. The evaluation is carried out automatically with the EyeVision inspection program. It inspects if the thread is complete and detects damages and flaws.



The Inspection method

The EyeVision software detects therefore if the thread is too wide or too narrow. Its thickness is evaluated and saved. Gaps or openings are also detected. Only if the gap is bigger than 160 pixel, the inspection is discontinued. Otherwise the gaps can be skipped, after the gap width is recorded and saved by the software

The bend of the thread is also trailed and therefore it is possible, that after a gap the detection of the thread is continued automatically by the inspection program.

The additional binary filter makes it also possible, that too dark or too bright parts of the image are evenly spread and the contrast diminished.