Pharmaceutical Industry

In the field of image processing EVT offers compact solutions for numerous assignment of tasks. So, in addition to the standard command set, there are several special command sets, which are tailored to the tasks set by our customers. Also for the pharmaceutical industry, EVT comes up with a number of possible solutions.

The EyeVision standard software can be expanded e.g. with the Code Reader special command set. This special command set is also quite interesting for the pharmaceutical inustry, because with the Code Reader commands the imprint on the label of the so called vial (ampule) such as e.g. the expiry date, batch number or the data matrix code, can be read, verified and to some extent, also the presence can be checked.

Blister control

For the charging of blister, the optical control is already indispensable. It frequently happens that the bliter is not completely filled or that only parts of a tablet is inside the blister. Such errors are of course not packed. But the errors can not be detected by a scales, because accordingly the tolerances are quite tight.

For this reason, image processing is employed for the inspection of the charging of blister, for several years now.