Semiconductor Industry

With the command set ChipControl EVT provides a compact, and easy-to-handle tool for inspecting semiconductors.

The user has the choice between the vision sensor series EyeSens, the smart camera series EyeSpector or EyeCheck and the PC based platform EyeVision to select the best solution for the inspection program.

The programming of the inspection program for semiconductors is ready within only a few mouse clicks by means of the ready made command set ChipControl via Drag-and-Drop.

The command set

In addition to the ChipControl command set, the complete command set of the EyeVision software is available for the user. Therefore the inspection program is ready-to-use for the semiconducter industry, within just a few steps.

No matter if the inspection program runs on a PC or on a smart camera, there is only one software and one user interface to solve the project.

There are several protocols abailable for the user such as Für die TCP/ IP, UDP, Ethernet IP, Profibus, and many more. 


Pin Width Inspection
Pin One Marker
Pin Gap Measurement
Pin Count Inspection
Pin Inspection
Housing Defect Inspection
Chip Imprint Inspection
Chip Position Determination (x,y)
Chip Position Determination (z)
Chip Horizontal Offset
Chip Vertical Offset
Chip Orientation
THT Inspection

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