Solar Industry

The SolarEye plug-in was designed especially for the solar industry. The plug-in allows efficient and fast solutions for special assignment of tasks for the production of solar cells, solar cell strings and modules.

The solar plug-in SolarEye recognises frequently arising faulty manufacture such as e.g. cracks and edge breakouts on the wafers. The inspection system solves essential inspection tasks: it detects edge- and contour breakouts, checks the correct dimensions and also thickness.

Additionally the position on the conveyor band as well as the rotation position of the cell for the correct soldering of the cells, is defined. The solar plug-in is extended by a solar module for laser scribing inspection with especially for the Solar Industry adapted reader function. Therefore the reading of DMC, OCR/OCV and barcodes is possible also on solar cells and silicium.

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3D Measurement

The smart camera system EyeScan 3D makes the third dimension accessible to the user. The standard EyeVision software, which is known from the EyeSpector systems, was extended by several evaluation commands. So, 3D measurements are as easy as the 2D tasks.

The inspection system recognises chipping during the running production process and therefore increases the rate of yield. With a series of special commands, various assignment of tasks from the solar industry can be solved without problem. The exact detection of microcracks and other wafer defects is important not only for the wafer production but also for the solar cell production, to avoid wafer breakage and to run the production failure-free.

Accurate to a μ

Based on the high resolution camera, all errors are recognised accurately to a μ. So the defect wafer is recognised and can discharged out of the production line and therefore the breakage rate can be lowered considerably and the rate of yield can be raised. The information about the error characteristics of the solar wafer, which the evaluation software of the inspection system has collected during the running production, allows the user a continuous and systematic enhancement of the production process. The system offers an maximum accuracy with also low expenses.

The innovation of the system is that it is completely integrated and therefore the 3D evaluation is as easy to set up as a common image processing system. The system can be connected directly to a monitor, to supervise the running production, as well as to check measurement results. With further interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 the result values as well as the image data can be transferred. Via the extensive communication interfaces of the 3D systems the communication with robots is also possible as well as the direct data transfer to the company software of SAP, ORACLE and others.

Hence the production results are available at any time everywhere in the company.

The Laserscribing Tool

The software plug-in SolarEye, which was developed especially for the Solar Industry, is completed with the high speed Laserscribing module.

The Laserscribing module allows to counteract the frequently arising production errors such as e.g. cracks and edge breakouts.

ChipControl for the Solar Industry