17.09.2018 Age: 158 Tage

EyeSens Vision Sensoren with extendable command set

EyeSens are vision sensors with command sets for special applications such as e.g.:

  • bar code reading
  • DMC reading
  • OCR/OCV reading
  • pattern matching
  • metrology, etc.

Though those command sets can be extended. Meaning that for example an EyeSens BarCode Reader can also be additionally equipped with the QR code reader command or the OCR reader command. Also the EyeSens Match pattern matching sensor can be combined with the metrology command set, etc. Any combination is possible.

The sensors are equipped with lens and illumination. Optionally with different focal length and LED colors. But there is also the possibility of a C-Mount EyeSens vision sensor.

Furthermore there is also the EyeSens UR which via special command can communicate directly with the UR robot. Therefore the complex work of communication gets much easier as only one command is necessary to control the robot.