22.02.2019 Age: 90 Tage

EyeVision supports new boards

Besides the Raspberry Pi and Odroid, the EyeVision software now supports even more boards such as for example:

  • Asus (Tinkerboard),
  • NVIDIA (Jetson),
  • DragonBoard,
  • Geniatech,
  • HiKey,
  • HummingBoard,
  • MediaTec,
  • MSC,
  • Rock960,
  • Ultra96,
  • Voipac, etc.

Therefore the use of EyeVision is preferential for embedded solutions. It is also cost-effective, as the software offers an ideal cost-performance ratio, many companies save development and integration efforts, and therefore many tedious hours of working time.

EVT offers trainings for beginners and even with a short instruction the handling and programming of the software, which is based on a drag-and-drop function, is easy to learn.

Additionally, EyeVision offers various interfaces. There is an interface for the machine instructor, which allows them to work fast and efficient. In case of necessary changes in the inspection program only the responsible developer of the company has access, so that there are no accidental interference into the production process.

EyeVision offers solutions for applications such as code reading, pattern matching, 3D inspection, OCR/OCV, object detection, Machine Learning (surface inspection and number plate recognition), color inspection, metrology, etc.

The software is suitable for all industries, for example: automotive, electronic and semiconductor industry, food and beverage industry, storage and logistic, packaging industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and many more.