EyeMIO for free integration

The EyeMIO is a Multifunction-PLC-IO-Module for industrial use. In combination with an image processing system by EVT Eye Vision Technology it takes over the control of the peripheral devices and therefore forms the physical interface between the image processing system and the manufacturing plant. It also offers various standardized interfaces as well as digital I/Os.

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EyeMIO Characteristics

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • 4 digital Inputs with indicating LED
  • 4 shor-circuit proof digital Outputs with indicating LED
  • 2 analog Input 0-10V
  • serial RS232-interface
  • 2-wire serial Interface (I²C)
  • 1-wire Interface
  • temperature sensor
  • 4 status LED
EyeMIO with skrews
EyeMIO with Sub-D connector

EyeMio for mounting on a cap rail

  • Dimensions: 80 x 45 mm
  • RS232 bus
  • I²C bus
  • 4 IN / 4 OUT

EyeMIO with slot bracket

EyeMio für den Einbau in einen PCSlot

Dimensions slot bracket: 120,80 x 19,06 mm

EyeMIO Extended

Dimensions: 72 x 132 mm

8 IN / 8 OUT (among them 4 High Power for lighting)