The solution of machine vision tasks always means to display the world on a sensor and to get a value as a result.

The used optic is one of the most important components for displaying the world on the sensor - with its help you can decide whether the task can be solved or not.

Finding the right optic for a task is a significant factor. Following you will find optics which perfectly match with the Eyespector systems.  

Which one is the right optic for you can be defined according to your image processing task.




For standard objectives a choice of C-Mount objectives was thoroughly created.

The camera´s different sensorsizes were considered, as well as their resolution, for achieving the best possible image.

We can also offer corrected objectives, which were adjusted to specific wave-lengths  (e.g. UV).




The telecentric objective is a specific kind of objective, which only displays the parallel rays on the sensor. According to this fact it especially is adequate in cases where precise measurement solutions have to be realised.

With our choice of TZO´s (little index) in combination with our cameras  best possible accuracy  can be achieved.




The UV corrected optics let the UV spectrum pass as undamped as possible.

In this wavelength range measuring accuracy can even be increased, adjusted to the used sensors - the effect is that illumination has no negative influence on the surrounding.




Our choice of filters perfectly match with the objectives we offer. We do not only provide basic colour filter, but also special band-pass filter,  daylight- blocking filter, and everything in between.

Having worldwide contacts to different manufacturers, we can also deliver special filter for specific tasks.

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