WFS - Wide Field Scanner

The WFS (Wide Field Scanner) allows the inspection of large surfaces with only one camera. Any position of large inspection surfaces can be directly accessed. Therefore, various inspection tasks can be executed with a minimum of work and an extremely high resolution.

In the past several cameras or extremely high resolution cameras had to be used for the inspection of large surfaces. But from now on the entire control is executed by means of the all-purpose inspection system WFS.

The camera does not directly examine the testing surface. It is ex­amined via a moving mirror. Consequently all positions of the testing surface can be scanned without any problems. The mirror ensures the extremely high resolution. The surface which should be scanned is variable depending on the size of the objective.


The EyeSpector camera examines not only the whole image evaluation but also the operation of the WFS. Therefore the PC is completely replaced by the intelligent camera.

The test system fulfills highest standards although its size is only 21 x 24 x 17 cm. The size is minimal compared with the size of the inspection surface. Even surfaces of 2m x 2m can be scanned with a resolution of 1/100 mm. The system is all-purpose in spite of its compact design. The application spectrum ranges from reading problems (e.g. the reading of a DMC or a Bar code) to measurement problems to inspection tasks.

The EyeVision software offers a graphic user interface to actuate all WFS-units and to solve image processing problems as well. The user interface allows the user to teach-in and to establish new test processes in a fast and simple way. Thanks to this innovative method the operation is easy even for unversed users.