The EyeWeb Server

With the EyeWeb the user now has the possibility to access all image and evaluation results of all EyeSpector cameras with any Browser.

From the web-server you can upload or retrieve data by accessing any number of EyeSpector cameras directly and worldwide. All data can either be accessible locally, company-internal or even worldwide.


Besides the direct overview of all image and evaluation data, you can also access the status of the inspection programs as well as make changes to the program. The web-server makes the access and administration of the EyeSpector cameras easy for the user, as there is no special software needed.

For the installation of EyeWeb you only have to define the IP address of the EyeSpector systems – and in no time at all the ES systems can be administered with any browser on any PC with internet connection, so you can e.g. check the latest result images, inspect the status of the I/O or change application parameters.

The excellent embedding of EyeWeb into the graphic programing environment as well as into EyeScript allows the creation of dynamic and flexible web interface for the user. Therefore it is possible for the system integrator to develop with only a few mouse clicks, a corresponding interface, which the user can access via www.”IP-Address”.de. With this interface you can simultaneously administer the ES-systems, carry out software updates or correct errors.