The Surface Inspection System EyeSIS offers the user a compact system with an integrated software. The system is especially suitable for the surface inspection of aluminum, plastic, paper, glass as well as other materials. EyeSIS is employed where a high-quality appearance is required.

The Ready-to-Use system detects scratches, cracks, dents, rust, inclusions as well as impurity on test components without any problems.

Parameterization and autonomic evaluation

For evaluating the objects, the system only must parameterized once via EyeVision. This parametrization of the system is easy and already known from the EyeSpector systems. The system can be configured with a golden part in only a few steps. After configuring the checking is effected autonomously and without a PC. Henceforth all surface defects of the components are detected. The user has the possibility to determine which irregularities are within the tolerance. According to the defined tolerance the system differentiates between tolerable irregularities like for example in case of tool marks or non-tolerable defects.

Complete Error Detection

EyeSIS guarantees the user a fast and consistent error detection. The system detects even minor defects due to a high scanning speed and high-resolution sensors. On the basis of these characteristics EyeSIS is especially qualified for the adoption in the quality assurance.

The evaluation software of the inspection system gathers all information about defect characteristics during the running production. Immediately the information is transferred to the user.

All detected errors and their classification can be transferred to a central computer via the EyeZIP protocol. The central computer combines the defects of for example several EyeSIS in order to generate a overall result.

EyeSIS in Action Video!