EVOS Reader System

EVOS Reader housing

The EVOS Reader System is a compact processor, which is based on the ARM Technology and which is equipped with the EVOS software for reading and evaluation.

  • QuadCore ARM processor
  • DualCore possible
  • SQL data base
  • equipped with eiter 32 or 64 GByte drive
  • supports up to 128 cameras
  • housing 100 x 100 x 50 mm

EVOS Car Track

With EVOS the user can create intelligent systems to e.g. observe parking decks or to secure whole car parks. Due to the use of standard cameras on each parking deck, it is possible to observe not only the entrance to the car park. Therefore it is not only possible to determine the length of stay of a car by reading the number plate of the car on entering and leaving of the car park. What is more, the license plates can be read on every deck and the data can be forwarded to a computer.

EVOS surveillance interface