With EyeMultiview, EVT created a system which displays all results of up to 16 observation cameras on one monitor. Therefore the user keeps an overview of a number of cameras and their results. Additionally the measured data can be adopted directly into the business software of SAP, ORACLE or into a SQL database via an optional software interface. Thanks to EyeMultiview the results of a number of EyeSpector® cameras can be displayed. This means that the production results can be accessed anywhere in the company at any time. 

The EyeMultiview software allows to use several different cameras simultaneously such as e.g. the EyeSpector® smart camera series. The system has the ability to display all results, images and overlays of up to 16 test systems on one PC. The user therefore can visualize and save the image data and results on one central computer.

Thanks to an extremely fast and parallel image processing even huge data volume can be recorded and evaluated in a very short time.

In account with the wide range of possible applications in the industry and the broad spectrum of tasks the system is applied where a high degree of precision, flexibility and speed is demanded, among others in the automation, the packaging technology, the quality control, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.