The EyeSens Reader series is the answer to the consistently growing demand for fast, secure and easy-to-handle code- and text reader systems.

The EyeSens Reader systems are either available in four versions or in the complete version:

  • DMC (Data Matrix Code)
  • OCR/ OCV
  • Barcode
  • QR code

There are stainless steel bodies available for all Reader systems.

The efficient code reader process for DMC, Barcode and OCR/OCV, in combination with the intuitive to handle graphical user interface of the  EyeVision software, allows a fast and easy integration in various process surroundings. 

Please also check our information about the reading application and the overview about different commands.

EyeSens Reader systems:

DMC Code (2D)

Automatically is searching for the code within the field of view and when found reads it. Does evaluate its qualitiy as well as present the code's type with its recognized different symbols and total number.

Barcode (1D)Reading of different barcodes. Evaluating their quality and presenting their features.

Recognizing and verifying different text types. Characters can be configured freely.

QR CodeReading, saving and processing with QR codes - also 3D.


DMC Code
DMC Code
EAN Barcode
QR Code
QR Code
OCR auf Wafer

Mit allen freigeschalteten Modulen zum Lesen in der Reader Software k├Ânnen sowohl DMC, Barcode als auch OCR gelesen oder auch verifiziert werden.

Verification mode

The verification mode compares the read code with the code provided by the software. This mode allows the software also to read more "tolerant".

Example: Because of an unclear print the OCR can not definitely identify a 6. The identification tends to a 6, however, with a very low recognition value. Nevertheless, in this case the reading will be successful and verify a 6, since the input data allows to expect a 6 there.