EyeSort - the tool to build a sortig system

The EyeSort systems (EyeSpector® + Blue-tec) are based on the successful EVT image processing systems and the MAS sorting hardware. With EyeSort  EVT has created an optimised inspection system for the control of turning parts.

For EyeSort the graphical user interface for easy programming is extended by macro instructions, which particularly simplify the configuration of the control tasks considerably. So, the various different turn part measurement and control tasks can be realized only with a few mouse clicks. The commands are able to recognise the component's turn position automatically and execute the necessary measurement and control tasks afterwards, according to the detected position.

EyeSort - the base for a robust solution

In the compact hardware the sensor as well as the evaluation unit with the software are integrated. This is the basis for a robust solution. Because of a low heat development it operates completely without fan. Especially in dusty and oily environments this guarantees a low-maintenance system.

A real-time operating system in the camera guarantees that the image evaluation software EyeVision does not miss a trigger and also actuates the sorting unit in time. High-quality CCD sensors with standard resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200 pixels allow precise measurements down to 1/100 mm.

Measurement precision

The precision of the measurement is influenced decisively by the objective. Therefore the camera provides a standard C-mount connection. So the selection out of all available objectives is possible e.g. telecentric objectives for highly precise measuring tasks.

In a body not bigger than a cigarette box the integrated flash disk stores up to 8 Gbyte e.g. images, measured values, statistical data. This is enough to store about 24.000 images plus additional statistics. At anytime it is possible to transfer the resulting evaluation data via ethernet to the master computer.

With a optionally available monitor interface every standard monitor can be connected. On this monitor the images with the evaluation results are displayed. So the user has insight into the running inspection program at any time.

The EyeSort system is perfected by the available accessories - from the part separation up till the sorting unit - everything is available for these systems.

Please check our application example about the sorting plant for more information!