EyeStamp is the tool from EVT for optical inspection of punch machines and forming technology with up to 5400 hub (90 parts per second).

Stamping and forming technology becomes a more and more important part of modern production. Even the most complex components can be produced completely by a modern stamp forming tool. The fully automatic production process makes 100 % control of the components almost absolutely essential.

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A compact system

In the same way the stamp technology advanced in the recent years the optical quality control continued as well. Because of this development it is now possible to integrate a PC, a camera, the digital I/O and other components in one single camera body without affecting the efficiency.

Based on the EVT EyeSpector systems the EyeStamp system provides a powerful measurement and inspection software integrated in one body. It is specially adapted to the needs of the stamp part control.

The parameterization of the control task occurs completely graphical - so, no expert is necessary. After parameterizing the programming computer (laptop) can be removed and the camera works completely autonomously. Although the computing power of 1GHz cycle and 8000 Mips of a Pentium processor corresponds to a 3 GHz computer. Cooling by a fan is not necessary. Especially in the environment of stamp machines the air is usually oily by different lubricants. Therefore the systems without a fan are perfectly suitable.