EyeSens ColorRingCode (CRC)

EyeSens ColorRingCode (CRC) is a color vision system for inspection of color codes on ampules to detect deficient products and prevents cross-contamination. A characterization with applied color rings is for example sometimes used to prevent mix-ups with other products, when there is yet no label on the product.



What can EyeSens CRC detect?


The software of the EyeSens CRC is based on the color commands of the EyeVision image processing software. With those commands it can be checked

  • if the color rings on the ampules have the correct color,
  • are in the correct order,
  • if the rings have the correct width and
  • have the correct distance to each other.


Also if the color ring code has the correct length and also if there are disruptions in the code. Additionally there are software commands, which can inspect if the rings are missing or if they are complete and undamaged.




Sensor Size:1/3" CMOS
Resolution:736 x 480, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024
FPS / Hz:60 Hz
CPU / GHz:0,6 GHz

 Optical data

Integrated measurement illumination:8 LEDs
Integrated lens, focal length: 6, 12 or 25 mm

 Electrical data

Digital I/O: 1/3-4 and additional, 4 free
Interfaces:Ethernet (LAN), RS232 or RS422
Max. output current:50 mA
Operating voltage:24V DC (-25%/ +10%)

Mechanical data

Length x Width x Height:65 x 45 x 45 mm
Weigth:ca. 160 g
Plug connection:

Power and I/O M12 12-pin, Ethernet M12 4-pin, Data M12 5-pin

Housing:Aluminium, plastic