EyeSens Turned Part Inspection TPI

The EyeSens TPI (Turned Part Inspection) sensor is equipped with various commands, which make the inspection of turned parts easier. Besides the diameter, length and width, also the angle can be measured with the EyeSens TPI system.

EyeSens TPI web interface and commands

For using the EyeSens TPI no additional software has to be installed on the PC or tablet. The user is given an IP address by which he can connect to the smart camera on the sensor via any web browser.

Until now 5 prefabricated inspection programs are accessible via the web interface. This are commands for measuring diameters, angles as well as lengths and widths of turned parts.

Also the teach-in of the turned part is graphically created. The user can configure various objects via different icons and therefore create an individual inspection program.

Messung: Winkel
Messung: Durchmesser
Messung: Höhe
Messung: Länge
Set-up Seite

The commands


Sensor Size:1/3" CMOS
Resolution:736 x 480, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024
FPS / Hz:60 Hz
CPU / GHz:0,6 GHz

 Optical data

Integrated measurement illumination:8 LEDs
Integrated lens, focal length: 6, 12 or 25 mm

 Electrical data

Digital I/O: 1/3-4 and additional, 4 free
Interfaces:Ethernet (LAN), RS232 or RS422
Max. output current:50 mA
Operating voltage:24V DC (-25%/ +10%)

Mechanical data

Length x Width x Height:65 x 45 x 45 mm
Weigth:ca. 160 g
Plug connection:

Power and I/O M12 12-pin, Ethernet M12 4-pin, Data M12 5-pin

Housing:Aluminium, plastic