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EVT presents at the VISION 6 - 8 Nov. 2018 (booth 1A63):

New smart line scan camera

Optimized for Deep Learning by Myriad 2 processor

The new smart line scan camera RazerCam ZLS by EVT offers many advantages and features:

  • Zynq and DualCore ARM
  • FPGA with 1.5 GHz
  • Myriad 2 Deep Learning processor
  • different resolutions
  • automatic shading correction, etc.


EyeVision Deep Learning

Deep Learning Surface Inspection

EyeVision offers the Deep Learning Surface Inspector:

  • recognition of surface defects, damages and contaminations
  • on structured, functional, technical surfaces
  • no classification and configuration in advance
  • no setting of parameters
  • the algorithms adjust automatically to any surface
  • full integration into the EyeVision software

Deep Learning Number Plate Recognition (DL NPR) and Make & Model

EyeVision offers with VECID a Machine Learning Tool for the recognition of:

  • Number Plates (NPR)
  • Make & Model (MMR)

VECID Deep Learning is resistent to distortion, reflection, over or under exposure, etc.

  • no classification or configuration in advance
  • no setting of parameters
  • runs on platforms: x86, x64, ARM, Windows, Linux