Image recognition for warehousing and logistics



Checking ordering processes in logistics and warehousing, particulary one aspect is important: accuracy.

To ensure this accuracy companies revert to image recognition systems such as the EyeVision:

- to avoid fail broadcasts and the subsequently complaints

- to recognize e.g. the component and react accordingly to guide the staff




One of the biggest challenges in the logistics sector is the just-in-sequence-logistics.

For the application of EyeVision systems this means, that ...


  • without storage area, all required components can be provided to the installation process synchronously and just in time.

  • The difficulty is: high frequency directly supplies for the manufacturer in a tight rated time frame.

 Warehousing with EyeVision

  • One single model of the EyeCheck 1xxx smart camera series satisfies for almost all testing tasks in the warehousing and thus simplifies the work.

  • Additional tools of the EyeVision software enable the 360°-contour, barcode and datamatrix examination and allow to count and check the contours.

  • All parts can be localized and checked or counted in every rotational position.