The command set for the semiconductor industry of the well-proven EyeVision software - ChipControl - offers a fast and easy possibility to creat an image processing program.

With the smart series EyeCheck and EyeSpector as well as with the embedded systems and PC-based platforms, the user can select the best fitting hardware solution for the project.

The ready made instruction set ChipControl the inspection of semiconductors is only a mouse click away.

Download the latest ChipControl brochure HERE!

The command set for the semiconductor industry

Additional to the ChipControl command set, the complete instruction set of the EyeVision software is on the fingertip of the user, so with a few more clicks everything can be done for the semiconductor industry.

Whether the solution is PC based or runs in a smart camera, there is only one software and user interface to solve the project.

There are many protocols for data exchange available, e.g. TCP/ IP, UDP, Ethernet IP, Profibus, or some free user protocols, these are also parametrized graphically.

Pin Width Inspection
Pin One Marker
Pin Gap Measurement
Pin Count Inspection
Pin Inspection
Housing Defect Inspection
Chip Imprint Inspection
Chip Position Determination (x,y)
Chip Position Determination (z)
Chip Horizontal Offset
Chip Vertical Offset
Chip Orientation
THT Inspection

 If you are interested in the SolarEye command set, please do not hesitate to contact us. So, we can send you additional information about this command set or a demo version, where the commands are available.

Create a ChipControl inspection program