EyeScript allows the user to create image inspection programs in the programming language:

  • Perl
  • Phyton

These programming languages will be extended in the near future to also contain Pascal and C. The implementation of C allows to translate the created source code with a C-compiler and to link it with the EyeVision libraries. So an independent program is developed, which goes completely without an interpreter.

The programs created with EyeScript can be executed directly on the smart cameras of the EyeSpector series, on cameras from Vision Components, as well as on all platforms, where the EyeVision SDK is available, such as PCs from W2K till W7 or Linux.

The complete infrastructure at your command

To output images from the smart camera application without monitor connection, the user has the complete infrastructure of the runtime environment EyeRT at his command. Therefore a function call of the EyeRT from the EyeView library is sufficient to send the image optionally with or without overlay to a target system.

If the user first activates the HTTP-Property of the EyeView library, then the image also can be displayed directly on a browser. The alternative to send it actively is the possibility to that the EyeView library transfers the image via an additional property to an integrated web-browser, which then outputs the data on a browser.

Hence interactive widgets can be established directly in a programming language and the input values can be passed to the system.

Watch EyeScript do the job!