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Code reading

The EyeVision software has commands for character recognition and verification and code reading for example:

  • bar code
  • DMC
  • QR

Bar code reading

The EyeVision software can read any common bar codes, such as e.g.:

  • EAN 13 & 8
  • Code 39
  • 2/5 Interleaved
  • Code 128
  • UCP Version A & B

The software can read the code in any position and rotation.

EyeSens Barcode Reader Vision Sensor

DMC reading

The EyeVision software can also read DMC codes in any position and rotation in the image.

The DMC code can even be read when:

  • the code is partially damaged due to dirt or indistinctness
  • the surface is reflective
  • the DMC code is embossed, needled, etc.

EyeSens DMC Vision Sensor

QR code reading

Furthermore the EyeVision software can easily read QR codes. Only one command in the software is necessary and it does not need any complex programming. Its very easy-to-handle.

Codes can also be saved and used for further processes.

Inspection program change via code scan

Code reading can be used manyfold in the quality control process:

  • inspection of the code for quality and presence
  • using the code for sorting of the goods
  • inspection program switch via code scan