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About us

About us

The EVT GmbH

For more than 15 years we have been bringing together EVT GmbH experts from the IT sector and have set global standards in industrial image processing with our EyeVision software and our hardware solutions.

Due to our permanent proximity to customers, we offer a portfolio that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the market, with which we set standards in international image processing.

Above all, our customers and partners appreciate our competence and quality as well as our ability to adapt quickly and creatively to new tasks and challenges.
Thanks to our daily commitment and shared passion, we are able to offer our customers innovative and high-quality solutions.
Our integrity and the responsibility to make intelligent and sustainable decisions are particularly important to us.

We pass on our knowledge through personal support, webinars and training. And through tutorials on our YouTube channel so that we can ensure that you stand out from your competitors.

Our story


Company formation


Portable PC standard software EyeVision


Software ported to the first smart cameras


EYESPECTOR presented at the VisionShow in Stuttgart


EyeSens Produktlinie mit Vision Sensoren eingeführt


EyeSens product line introduced with vision sensors


EyeVision UR (Unified Release) presented Software for all hardware components: vision sensors, Intelligent cameras, embedded systems and PC systems (x86 and ARM)


EyeVision is also available on ARM and x86 LINUX platform


EyeCheck Smart Camera series based on ARM / LINUX


EyeVision 3.0: new toolsets with 3D inspection (point cloud, profile)


EyeVision Remote GUI – Uniform GUI across all hardware platforms The plug-in and plug-in store are made available to users


EyeVision 3.0 new embedded hardware platforms Powerful point cloud commands for e.g. matching Multiple scanner support (Automation Technology, Wenglor MEL, LMI, …)


EyeVision with powerful thermography command set for passive, impulse and lock-in thermography


Other 3D sensors including Chromasens 3D, Photoneo


The high-speed LineScan Camera
EyeCheck 3D smarte 3D Profile Inspection


FocalSpec 3D sensor support for critical surfaces EyeVision supports other capture boards including Euresys, BitFlow
Hyperspectral instruction set for HyperCube and Hyperspectral cameras PhotonFocus


EyeSens 3D – Easy-to-use Smart Profile Inspector Mitsubishi Line Scan Camera for CoaXpress support DL DeepLearning instruction set and pre-trained networks


DL customers can train new objects directly in EyeVision DL support of special DL hardware including MYRIAD chip EyeVision 4 – powerful GUI toolbox and SDK for plug-in and image acquisition


Robot Vision Integration new command set that allows very easy hand-eye calibration and robot adaptation.
With these new commands it is very easy to adapt all kinds of robots to the EyeVision software. With the advanced calibration, an absolute correction of robot errors is automatically corrected.

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