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Lenses & filters

Lenses & filteres

To select the suitable lens and filter for the application at hand, is a very crucial factor. Below you can find some choices for lenses and filters to apply to the use of systems such as EyeCheck smart cameras or EyeSens vision sensors.

Standard Lenses

Among the standard lenses we offer a very fine selection of C-Mount lenses for example for our smart cameras.

We take into account:

  • Sensor size and
  • resolution of the camera

Next to these lenses we also have a selection of S-Mount lenses.

The Telecentric Lens

Telecentric lenses are a special kind of lens. They only reprocude parallel rays on the sensor of the camera.

Therefore those lenses are specially suitable for very precise metrology solutions.

Our selection of low-index telecentric lenses allows for a high precision in combination with our cameras

Ultra Violet Lens

UV-corrected lenses let speciall the UV-spectrum pass as unmuted as possible.

The matching with the sensors that are used allows then to increase the measurement accuracy precisely in this wave length area.

At the same time there is the effect, that the illumination has a disturbing effect on the surrounding.


Our selected filters fit optimally to our offered lenses. We have filter for evry application, from simple color filter, to special band pass filter and daylight cut filter.

Our worldwide contacts to the different makers, allow us to deliver selected filters for special applications.

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