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Counting and recognizing objects

Object detection and counting

Object detection via automatic, visual inspection is an important task. It is part of many industrial processes, such as in:

  • sorting
  • quality control
  • packaging
  • inventory control
  • machine processing, etc.

Applications: object detection with EyeVision

To detect a specific object with visual inspection is task, which is used in different industries.

We would like to give you some examples.

Object detection for the quality control

Quality control is as ever a difficult task in the production process and many processes still rely on the human eye.

The image processing and especially EyeVision can help you here. No matter if electronic-, pharmacheutical- or food and beverage industry.

EyeVision can differentiate between the wrong and the right component part, or detect if a cookie package is not correctly closed. Also EyeVision can detect in a gear wheel has enough spikes or if a blister packaging contains mixed up pills.

Inventory control and object detection

EyeVision can also be applied in inventory control. Objects can be tracked in real time, as there can be objects added and removed any time.

A good inventory control saves the company much time, space and labor costs.

Sorting with EyeVision

With EyeVision the sorting can be handled completely automatically. It saves time, costs and labor and also reduces errors.

For example in agriculture, sorting plays an important role. Especially for example to differentiate the ripe tomatos from the still green tomatos, or the damaged apples from the flawless apples.

But also other industries such as electronic or stamping part industry, count on automated sorting.

And combined with the Deep Learning / Machine Learning, also defects on surfaces can be easily detected.

EyeVision for the assembly line

Nowadays we have completely automated conveyor belts and assembly lines, even for complex products as cars.

To offer the modern automated assembly line some more flexibility, it is important to teach the machines to locate objects and place them correctly.

With EyeVision a robot can be controled and the object exactly located.