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Inspect turned parts

From seatbelt tensioners to the pins that hold watch straps. Turned parts are found everywhere in industry. Each of these parts must be inspected after production and the quality documented.

The turned parts inspection system based on the EyeSVC (Smart Vision Cabinet) allows precise inspection and testing while the turned parts are still in motion. A trigger input ensures that the turned parts are recorded either in flight or as they slide past, and a few milliseconds later the inspection result is available to control the actuator.

A comprehensive statistics module allows the production piece count and development measured values to be displayed on the integrated monitor at any time. Because the entire system is housed in an IP65 cabinet, it is not endangered by the abrasion generated by the turned parts. In addition, the ready-to-use system can be configured quickly and without programming, so that turned parts of all types can be measured optically with just a few clicks. The EyeSVC can be retrofitted anywhere and has numerous interfaces.

With the Deep Learning add-on module, many defects can be detected that are not based on measurement technology but require classification. For example, whether there is a chip in an incision.

Various cameras are available for the EyeSVC, which ensures optimal image acquisition. Even the inspection from several sides is easy to realize. The standard version of the system can support up to 4 cameras. If this is not enough, it is possible to switch to the next larger system.