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Barcode, DMC, OCR

EyeSens Advanced BarCode, DMC, OCR

The vision sensor EyeSens Advanced for reading BarCodes, DMC, OCR. This vision sensor can read bar codes in any position and rotation in the image.

DMC Command

The powerful EVO DMC command reads not only flawless codes, but also codes that are for example:

  • damaged,
  • blurred,
  • distorted or
  • low contrast

The vision sensor always reports to the user about incorrect codes. Also differences in character thickness are no problem for the sensor.

OCR Command

Additionally the EVO OCR command set offers powerful functions for the optical detection and inspection of characters. The module includes image preprocessing, segmenting, sorting and classifying of characters. The system recognizes even characters that are difficult to read. The OCR command even detects dotted or nailed characters with the OCR-command.

Applications for OCR:

  • expiration dates on groceries and pharmaceuticals
  • detection of any kind of print and even hand writing
  • label and print inspection
  • 3D charachters e.g. on car tires
  • print quality inspection

BarCode Command

The EVO BarCode command can read many different bar code types such as e.g.:

  • Code 39 & Code 128
  • 2/5 Interleaved
  • EAN13 & EAN 8
  • UCP Version A & Version B

The vision sensor hardware

The vision sensor is very robust. Vibrations and fast movement are compensated by the sensor easily. It also contains:

  • optionally integrated LED illumination and lens (EyeSensN has motorized lens) or
  • C-Mount connecton and
  • a IP67 housing

The Software

Additionally the handling of the vision sensor is very easy. Specially thanks to the integrated illumination and lens it is a plug-and-play camera with industrial standard.

The integrated EyeVision software offers additional advantages:

  • graphical user interface (GUI)
  • drag-and-drop-programming
  • creation of inspection program without programming skills
  • special EVO tools: bar code, DMC, OCR commands