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Crosshair generator

With the innovative EVT Cross Hairs Generator (CHG – crosshair generator) EVT offers an independent system for displaying crosshairs.

A monitor can be connected to the CHG as a stand-alone device. Alternatively, the image data can be sent to a display on a machine control system via Ethernet. Another option is the pure software solution for the integration into your own GUI application, for this different programming interfaces are available for the operating systems WINDOWS and LINUX.

Ready-to-use system with graphical user interface:

The ready-to-use system comes with a configured graphical user interface that can be adapted to your own requirements:

from the logo to integration into a system control, all options are open to the user. The CHG has digital inputs and outputs (in 24V technology). The crosshair generator also has various interfaces to communicate with a machine. The image can be shown on your own displays via Ethernet. Or the image can be displayed on mobile devices (iPad, smart phone) via the built-in web server.

Different display modes:

The various display modes, from a simple crosshair to a crosshair with lines and circles, can be configured via a simple interface. These features can be switched either directly on the device or remotely. In this way, an optimal display for the task currently being carried out can be implemented.

Integrated camera control:

The library is available for Windows and Linux. This means that a crosshair with the appropriate camera control can be transferred to every application. The camera control is integrated in the CHG. A large number of cameras from various manufacturers are available.

There are suitable cameras and optics for all applications:

whether it is a connection to a measuring microscope via a C or CS mount or whether a profile projector is to be replaced.

This means that existing devices can also be converted to a modern display-based system, as already mentioned, e.g. old profile projectors. At the same time, powerful options for logging the results are also available. All images can be saved directly on the CHG or sent to a central computer, which saves and documents them.


Individually adjustable crosshairs:

The color of the crosshairs can be set individually. The saving of images and values ​​can also be set. For example, measuring point positions can be adopted via an interface or saved with an image as a measured value.

In order to achieve the best possible display, camera resolutions from 1 to 20 MPixel are available. This means that even the smallest details can be displayed for the operator.