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Read DOT codes

Read DOT codes

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The DOT code is of great importance in the production, allocation and tracing of tires. The COT code on the sidewalls of the tires must be recognized, read and documented. However, this is often difficult to recognize due to the low contrast between the characters and the tire surface or due to scratches. The EyeVision image processing software makes the recognition, reading and documentation of the DOT codes child’s play.
With the OCR tool of the EyeVision software, not only text can be read in 2D but also in 3D. The scan data of the 3D height maps or the 2D intensity data are used for this. The software then recognizes and extracts the character strings from the surface, such as the relief-like inscription on a car tire. The 3D OCR recognition is a valuable tool for inspection applications. Flat or embossed symbols are decoded. In addition to rubber and tires, the DOT codes, this is particularly important for applications in the automotive sector (stamped parts), batteries and packaging (marking and tracking).
A large number of industrial applications can be solved with the OCR tools. As a customer, you can easily decode 3D markings. Especially with embossed inscriptions that do not stand out in color from the background or are completely black on black, as is the case with car tires, the 3D OCR recognition has a clear advantage over 2D image capture. In addition, the entire range of EyeVision commands is available to you as the user, which means that there are many other possible applications such as checking stamped parts or component identification The OCR command can be added to every EyeVision 3D package. Thanks to the drag-and-drop function of the graphical user interface, you can create test programs even without any programming knowledge.