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EyeCheck 3000 DL news

EyeCheck 3000 DL - Your simple solution for complex recognition tasks!

EVT now offers the EyeCheck 3000 with the Deep Learning Package. 

With the EyeCheck 3000 Deep Learning all standard image evaluations like optical measurement and inspection are possible as usual. The powerful hardware with NVIDIA GPU also allows to use the different pre-trained networks of the EyeVision software.

Simple application by drag-and-drop

With the help of EyeCheck 3000 Deep Learning the user can solve even complex recognition tasks simply by drag-and-drop. The easy retraining via Transfer Learning enables the quick adaptation of the existing networks to new tasks or products. The EyeVision software can be programmed directly, but also remotely via an interface.

The different inputs and outputs make it possible to embed the EyeCheck 3000 Deep Learning easily into industrial solutions, e.g. to control a robot or to communicate directly with a PLC via Profinet. In addition, the smart camera can simply be connected to a monitor and used like a PC. An additional computer is therefore not required

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