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EVT presents: The solution for complex sorting tasks!

The foundation for 100% control

With the EyeSorter, EVT has developed an intelligent system for sorting small parts according to type, position and quality. The EyeSorter is used in parts flow control for trouble-free feeding to assembly and production machines. This prevents incorrect assembly in the machines due to incorrect or faulty feed parts. 

The EyeSorter consists of a system with all the necessary components, such as image acquisition technology, evaluation, interfaces for outputting results and for feeding in external information, as well as a screen and operating elements for commissioning. The intuitive user guidance allows quick adaptation to the respective task and requires no special image processing knowledge.

Interfaces allow direct connection to ejection devices, including higher-level PLCs. For more complex tasks, such as precise measurement, the complete range of functions of the EyeVision software is available to the user on request.

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