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EyeVision on embedded systems with 6 MIPI cameras

EyeVision on embedded systems with 6 MIPI cameras

Compact embedded systems with up to 6 MIPI cameras and 15 m cable length can be controlled by the EyeVision software. As always, the evaluation is carried out completely without programming, just by means of graphical configuration.

With these embedded systems, the image is captured via MIPI cameras. This is very advantageous, since the MIPI protocol has a low overhead compared to a USB solution. In addition, the cable length of up to 15 m is significantly longer than with a USB solution.

The integrated NVIDIA board has enough computing power to run applications with 6 cameras and the deep learning algorithms of the EyeVision software can also be run at full speed using the GPU.
The NVIDA system with the GPU is particularly suitable for deep learning.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s license plate recognition with multiple cameras, detecting cars or checking surfaces for scratches or other defects.

Therefore, optical measurement technology, pattern recognition, code reading or deep learning solutions can be implemented quickly and easily. With this system, a powerful image acquisition is also available on the embedded platforms and the computing power of the CPU can be used for image analysis.

With the EyeVision demo software you can test all evaluations immediately and thus solve your application cases.