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Korea Vision Show

Korea Vision Show

Korea Vision Show

Visit us at the Korea Vision Show!

27.03. – 29.03.2024 | Seoul, South Korea

Meet our experts Michael Beising from Germany and David Kim from Korea! Discover how you can use the potential of EyeVision software in 3D, AI, Robot Vision and many other application areas to realize your image processing projects effortlessly, without programming and with just a few clicks.


EyeVision – Easy-to-programm

EyeVision revolutionizes 3D evaluation and enables you to realize even the most complicated tasks in just 5 minutes. By supporting a wide range of triangulation sensors from the low-cost AIC Saturn to the sensors from AT, Keyence, LMI, MechMind, MicroEpsilon, PhotonFocus, Sick, Wenglor or even 3D Area sensors from the low-cost entry-level sensor from Intel Realsens to the Percipio and the high-end sensors from ZIVID and Photoneo, EyeVision ensures seamless integration with your preferred hardware.

You can find a detailed hardware overview of the sensors on our homepage. If you need expert advice on selecting the perfect sensor for your application – our experts will be happy to help you!


Already have a preferred sensor? No problem!

The EyeVision software probably already supports your sensor. If not, you can easily integrate it into the software so that you can use your hardware. On our homepage in the >>EyeCademy<< section you will find a variety of sample solutions for a wide range of tasks, which you can download directly. You can test these with our EyeVision Software and easily adapt them to your task!


AI & Robot Vision

With the EyeVision software, you can easily solve almost any task from line evaluation to complex robot vision applications in 2D & 3D with just a few mouse clicks. Download the EyeVision software from our website and test it completely, including the image acquisition, so you are sure that your task can be solved with EyeVision. 

The wide range of sensors also includes thermographic cameras (AT, Dalsa, FLIR, Optris, etc.)! With the special software tools you can create passive and active (impulse or lock-in) thermography solutions with just a few mouse clicks.

Your choice of hardware is almost unlimited!

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