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LT 3D sensor

LT 3D Sensor


LaserClass 2M laser line, wave length 660 nm, 30 mW
SensorCMOS 1/1.8″
Eff. no. of Pixel1280 (H) x 1024 (V) (Wide VGA)
Pixel size5.3 (H) x 5.3 (V) µm

EyeScan LT 3D Models

EyeScan LT 3Dy830y1230y1630y845y1245y1645
Working Distance (mm)240175160958080
Measure Range Dz +/- (mm)1507550553020
Resolution Z [µm] (vert.)402015151010
Measure Range Dx Min (mm)1007055805540
Measure Range Dx Max (mm)340145901407555
Resolution X Min [µm]805545604535
Resolution X Max [µm]300120751206545


Technical Data

Chip Size4-51 (H) x 2.88 (V) mm
High-speed Shutter21 µs + Steps of 21 µs
Low-speed Shutterup to 3 sec. adjustable integration time
IntegrationGlobal Shutter
Scan Rateup to 1 kHz
Image Displayvia 100 Mbit Ethernet on PC
ProcessorTexas Instruments TM320DM6435 “DaVinci”, DSP 700 MHz, 5600 MIPS
RAM128 Mbytes DDR2-RAM @ 333 MHz
Flash EPROM32 Mbytes flash EPROM
Process interface2 In-/ 4 Outputs, Outputs 4×400 mA
Trigger1 Image Trigger Input, 1 Flash Trigger Output, 24V / 200 mA
Ethernet Interface10/100 Mbit
Storage conditions-20 .. +60 °C, Max. humidity: 90%, non-condensing
Operating conditions0 .. +50 °C, Max. humidity: 80%, non-condensing
Power supply24V +/- 20% DC, max. 300 mA
Power consumption~ 2.6 W
Dimensions140 x 70 x 35 mm
Weightapprox. 400 g