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Smart Vision Cabinet - Simple parking space management with EVT!

Discover how a license plate reading system simplifies barrierless parking management!

EVT’s flexible automatic number reading system is easy to use for parking monitoring and billing.

The system uses a camera to read the license plates of vehicles as they enter parking spaces and can then either report to a billing system or send to any other computer using the built-in protocols.

When leaving the parking area, the license plates are read again at the exit and sent to the billing system. The parking fee is then calculated from the time period.

The accounting system is either operated locally, i.e. the parking space user goes to the machine before leaving the parking space and pays the fee for his license plate, so that the process is then completed with the exit, or he has stored his data in the accounting system and the parking fees are collected automatically.

If the user forgets to pay the parking fee and leaves the parking area anyway, the license plate number can be used to determine the owner, so that the parking fee can then be charged.

Until the full settlement of the fees, the images are stored as evidence. For long-term parkers or registered users, an invoice is automatically generated after the parking process and sent digitally to the stored email address. So you always have an overview of the accrued parking fees.

Registered users also have the option of receiving the image data for entry and exit in addition to the invoice, before these are then deleted.

The EVT license plate reading system can be used in a variety of ways and scales to a wide range of systems, so that a suitable system can be put together for everything from complex parking garage management to individual parking spaces.

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