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Checking & recognizing colors

Color recognition and inspection

EyeVision can recognize and inspect color. Therefore the software has special color commands for the inspection of color-based quality characteristics. The color recognition is carried out with the highest precision and speed.

Color recognition is important

In many industrial environments color control is an important part of the quality control. Color defects can render products dead stock or lead to customer complaints. The impression of color is but subjectiv. Therefore sometimes an impression of color aberration can occur. The task for EyeVision is to maintain the color aberrations in a tolerable range.

Application fields

The recognition of color is important for many industrial application such as e.g.:

  • car finish inspection at the car body pressing
  • color inspection of attached parts in automotive engineering
  • color sequence and quality in multiple-conduct cables
  • color print errors and defects
  • etc.

In all industries

Applications for color inspection can be manyfold and can be found in all industries:

  • pharmaceutical
  • electronic
  • food and beverage
  • automotive
  • print
  • etc.