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Thread inspection

Thread Inspection with EyeVision

With the EyeVision Software component parts with a geometry that is difficult to access can be inspected, for example the inside of a drilling hole.

We inspect the internal screw threads for

  • completeness
  • errors and irregularities (screw thread run)
  • contaminations (for example borings)
  • etc.

We inspect external threads (metric threads and threads measured in inches) for

  • completenes
  • size accuracy
  • screw thread run (correct direction of rotation and regularity)
  • in correspondence with the requirements of the crest and groove of the thread

Advantages of the EyeVision software for thread inspection

With the EyeVision the thread inspection is carried out with only one single command. The drag-and-drop function makes the handling of the software even easier. Therefore it is possible to create an inspection program for the thread inspection without any programming skills.

Additionally the thread inspection with EyeVision offers:

  • high measurement and inspection accuracy
  • contactless measurement (prevents damages on the component part)
  • 100 % inspection quality
  • high flexibility when it comes to adaptations to new production requirements
  • extremely fast measuringg (only a few millisenconds)

EVT Ready-to-Use System Thread Inspector

The Thread Inspector combines the functions and advantages of the EyeVision software with the emSys hardware.

With the Ready-to-Use Thread Inspector the internal and external screw thread inspection can be integrated into any inspection plant and any robot. In addition existing inspection systems can be extended easily with this screw inspection.

Further advantages of the Thread Inspector:

  • Interfaces for intergration into Profinet or Modbus
  • Integration in a SCADA system via OPC UA
  • Interfaces for control of the camera and the LED-illumination
  • Easy configuration for the different thread types