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Applications » Detection of surface defects with Deep Learning

Detection of surface defects with Deep Learning

ML Homogeneity Inspector

For the automatic detection of defects on structured surfaces.
The EyeVision software has the ML Homogeneity Inspector for such tasks.

With the Deep Learning surface inspection tool the following defects can be detected:

  • surface defects
  • damages
  • contaminations

And that works completely dynamic and automatic.

Challange and solution

The identification of defects on surfaces is a special challange. For example the defects on complex functional and aesthetic technical surfaces. Deep Learning offers a new solution for those difficulties. Because it works without pre-definition of the expected defects. And also without the configuration of an inspection program.

Advantage of the Deep Learning surface detect

  • The algorthims can be integrated in any machine vision software.
  • The tool can be deployed in a ROI using for example the size of the anomaly surface defect as qualification criterion.
  • no teaching in advance
  • no setting parameters,
  • as the algorithm adapts itself automatically to any random surface
  • evaluation of the inspected surface in less than 50 ms on Core i3