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Innovative EyeVision Software
Optimised production
High quality guaranteed
Highly interconnective

European industry has a long tradition in innovative, high-quality manufacturing, but expanding globalisation has resulted in increased competition, posing a major challenge for our continent.

OPTIMAI aims to create a new European industry ecosystem focused on innovative solutions to optimise production,
reduce defects and improve quality to safeguard European industry for generations to come.

OPTIMAI develops a Decision Support Framework for Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) by integrating highly innovative technologies across a wide variety of industry domains and developing new training activities that will boost human performance in industry across Europe.

The OPTIMAI solutions will be tested in three demonstration pilot projects. EVT is leading the integration of Sensors on the shop floor and manages Standardization tasks. EVT sensors based on the EyeVision software fit optimal into the project.
With a number of inbuilt communication protocols, such as OPC UA, MQTT and Profinet they are highly interconnective. Innovative AI algorithms for defect detection, classification and quality inspection with a user friendly and comprehensive GUI will grow during this project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958264